C L A S S M A T E 2 0 1 3


hari ini time for update blog yang tidak seberapa ini :) hehe. Mood hari ni macam seimbang walaupun ada sedikit :/ juga mcm sebelum ni dari start december  disember 2012. Ok, firstly I want to introduce to you about my class sem 2 :) Even them the best classmate, I still love and miss my past classmate. Okay, lets go with my new classmate :)

We are top 5 the best class for sem 1. Alhamdulillah :)
Bawa sekali tu? Apa kaitan? :P

Dan walaupun aku ada ramai kawan di sini, tetap kawan aku di Sabah no 1 :) even aku extremely happy di Kuala Lumpur, hati tidak pernah lupa untuk orang yang aku SAYANG. Dan juga family, adik Siti Nurain yang paaaling disayang :) .Even when I miss them and dia yang disayangi, hahahha , I can't tell them how much it is, even I at here Kuala Lumpur, it doesn't mean  to make me forget about who am I and what I promise to her before FLY to here. I still stand by myside and fulfill my promise even when I'm totally forgettable. TOTALLY  ALLAH give me a test in rship that I don't know how to save it anymore. when i'm totally forgettable. Okay, lets go for my best friends for SEM 2 only :)

This is life, when you forgettable. Hati kena kuat bila ditempat orang. Faham kak :) thanks. 

So its the end of CLASSMATE story. Thanks to all my friends. Doakan aku ! ^^

Enough For Today :)

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